Just getting started.

For this years A to Z Challenge I’m revisiting various characters from my planned book series. And introducing some new ones! The excerpts are from different books in a series and not in any particular order. I hope you enjoy!

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Zane #AtoZChallenge

I hate this part. The fake smiles and obligatory laughs and handshakes supposedly promising something. How many of these people actually believe in my father? Believe in what he says he stands for? How many of them are just here for potential future favors? But this is why I’m here, I remind myself. This is… Continue reading Zane #AtoZChallenge

Wren #AtoZChallenge

God, I am so tired. I adjust the shoulder strap of my canvass knapsack across my body. Everything I still own is in this bag and while it’s not much, it still gets pretty heavy after hours of lugging it around. But I’ve finally reached my destination so hopefully I’ll have some relief soon. Relief… Continue reading Wren #AtoZChallenge