Just getting started.

For this years A to Z Challenge I’m revisiting various characters from my planned book series. And introducing some new ones! The excerpts are from different books in a series and not in any particular order. I hope you enjoy!

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Jax #AtoZChallenge

What the hell is she doing here? And why does she keep showing up unannounced at my door? Granted last time, I was lying in a hospital bed. And this is where I work. So not exactly my private space or anything. But still. This can’t mean anything good. I glance at Macy, still holding… Continue reading Jax #AtoZChallenge

Ian #AtoZChallenge

“We the jury find the defendant…Not Guilty.” I hear the various reactions behind me. Cries of stifled joy from those who believe these twelve strangers got it right. Clicks of cameras going off rapid fire as the press capture this moment. Gasps of disbelief and outrage from those, like me, who know this man is… Continue reading Ian #AtoZChallenge

Hunter #AtoZChallenge

Lighting flashes across the sky, illuminating the clouds outside my window. Seconds later the crash of thunder vibrates through the room. I love a good thunderstorm. And it’s newly spring in Chicago so this is the first one in months, the first of the season. I smile watching the streaks of light scatter through the… Continue reading Hunter #AtoZChallenge