Just getting started.

For this years A to Z Challenge I’m revisiting various characters from my planned book series. And introducing some new ones! The excerpts are from different books in a series and not in any particular order. I hope you enjoy!

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“They won’t talk to you.” I look around, trying to pinpoint the voice offering that insight. I spot her in the window. A tiny face with giant eyes and bouncy dark pigtails. She has a stuffed elephant clutched tightly in her arms. “They don’t like cops,” she says solemnly. I look down at myself, confirming…


“You’re back.” I grin agreeing to the obvious. “I’m back. I brought a friend with me.” I turn and pull my little sister forward for introductions. “Logan, this is Skylar. Skye, meet Logan.” Skylar is predictably star struck. I swear, the fact that I’m a professional baseball player – and a damn good one -…


“Who is that?” At my question my best friend cranes her neck around, not at all subtle. But then neither am I, so who cares? “The guy that just walked in? That’s Dylan.” “That’s Dylan? The cop that’s in love with you?” Predictably, she rolls her eyes at me. “He’s not in love with me.…