Macy and Hunter · Vanished


I’m not sure what wakes me but I roll to my back, slowly stretching. I feel twinges in parts of my body I haven’t used in far too long. I’m sure the smile on my face borders on smug. I’ll pay this price for repeats of last night. Sighing, I realize the space next to me in bed is empty around the same time my eyes slowly blink open.

He’s already half dressed.

I sit up silently, disappointment heavy in my chest.

His eyes meet mine briefly as he finishes pulling on his t-shirt. His body is insane and another, different kind of disappointment spears through me as all that ink and muscle is covered.

He comes around to my side of the bed and crouches so we’re at the same level. Tenderly he tucks my mussed hair behind my ear, fingers lingering along my neck. I shiver.

“I didn’t mean to wake you. I know you have to be up early.”

“Not tomorrow. We’re closed on Monday.” My mouth is dry with sleep, my voice raspy. I lick my lips unconsciously and see his eyes darken.

The silence hangs fragile and heavy between us. I know I shouldn’t expect anything from last night. That most likely I was a way for him to forget for a short time the grief still crowding him. I know his life has gotten infinitely more complicated in the last week and I don’t want to be another complication he has to manage. I want so badly to ease his pain even for a short time.

The timing is off, I get that. I won’t be another burden for him. Last night was already more than I ever expected us to have.

So I smile softly and press my fingertips gently against his lips. “Thanks for last night,” I whisper, my voice huskier than normal.

His eyes crinkle as he grins, grabbing my wrist and pressing a firm kiss to my palm. “I should be thanking you, sweetness.”

“My pleasure.” I giggle, somehow feeling lighter.

I run my fingers through his beard, appreciating how powerfully beautiful he is. His dark hair hangs loose around his shoulders for once. There’s a long faded scar along his eyebrow and without thinking I lean forward placing a soft kiss over it. He makes a sound similar to a groan and buries his lips in the curve of my neck, my hands going to that glorious hair. Then he’s kissing me again and I forget everything else.



She’s so fucking sweet.

At first, you wouldn’t think her name fits her.

She’s sweet and soft. I want to wrap her around me and cushion myself from the realities outside this room. But she’s also got some Chicago steel in her bones that sneaks up on you.

I’ve never kissed anyone that seduces all of my senses the way she does. Soft skin. Sexy sounds. She smells like the desserts she spends all day baking. And tastes just as sweet. Gorgeous curves. I’ve suspected for a while things would be good between us, but last night surpassed all my expectations.

I can’t imagine never being with her again. But knowing the changes and challenges I have ahead of me right now, I also can’t imagine how to hold on to this. She deserves more than I’m prepared to offer right now.

She whispers my name and I practically launch myself at her, deepening our kiss as I guide her to her back and cover her with my frame.

I have to leave.

I will leave.

But I want one more memory to take with me.

Hunter also appears briefly in Macy.

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