AtoZ Challenge

Reflections on A to Z Challenge

I can’t believe it. April is over and I’ve completed the A to Z Challenge for the first time.


I’ve day-dreamed of being a writer for years. Have created characters and stories both in my head and on the page. But I’ve never said it out loud. I’ve never shared my stories with anyone. Until now.

For this year’s A to Z Challenge I used each letter to introduce a different character in my upcoming book series. That’s right, I’m writing a series of novels! So if you like any of the characters you’ll be seeing them again. Let me know your favorites!

The first book is going to focus on Lucas and Ash. Gabby, Uncle Theo, Cousin Riley, Jax, Dylan and a few others will also be making an appearance.

Participating in this Challenge helped me commit these ideas to the page, introducing characters I’ve been playing with in my mind to the world. And I want to thank everyone who visited and commented and followed for helping to inspire me, encourage me, and build my confidence.

See you soon.

13 thoughts on “Reflections on A to Z Challenge

  1. Hi Lynette – I hadn’t come across your blog during the Challenge – in fact I got no further than 120 on the master list before having enough to follow as well as the writing. However, I intend to keep mining the list as time goes on since quite a small proportion deeply appeal – having said that, it has more to do with the relationships that do or don’t grow – rather than the content… Thanks for dropping by.
    I too have a couple of novels on the go, though haven’t progressed them much the last couple of years but might use this crisis to do so. I am chart of sharing the writing itself (though I may come round to it) but your idea of exploring the characters is a good one…


    1. Thank you! I’m still trying to make my way through the whole registration list as well. And I was way on the bottom. 🙂 Good luck on your novels! I’m hoping to do the same.


  2. It was your first one too? I wish I thought a bit more about the topics before participating. So happy that it’s over though, about to write a reflection post too. 🙂 Best regards from Inspiration Wise!


    1. It was the first I’ve completed! I’ve started a couple times before but didn’t make it to ‘N’ 🙂 So this feels like a huge accomplishment. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Thank you for visiting my blog Lynnette. And well done on completing your first A to Z Challenge.
    I hope to read a couple of your A to Z posts to acquaint myself with your book characters.


  4. Great idea. Well done on completing AtoZ. Sorry I’m only dropping by today. I’m trying to catch up with so many blogs. I’ve only written my reflections today because I’m living in a mad house. I’ll drop by again soon xxx


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