Sunday Snippet

“I found out about them after I’d made the show but before I left for LA to film it. They offered me money to drop out and not appear on television. I basically told them to go screw themselves.”

“Are you serious?”

Lucas winces, regretting bringing this up. “Yeah. That…run in… you saw with me and Ethan? That’s … pretty standard.”

She waves her hand around in the air dismissively. “I don’t mean that. I mean they tried to bribe you not to do the show?”

He nods reluctantly.

“That’s…so thoughtless.”

A warm feeling spreads through his chest at her words. Uncomfortable with the serious turn the night has taken, he jokes, “It was a strong offer. Lots of zeroes.”

“But not the point,” she states and he nods again.

She gets it.

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