AtoZ Challenge · Macy and Hunter · Vanished

Vaughn #AtoZChallenge

I hop onto a stool and watch my sister whip together some heavenly smelling chocolate concoction. I grab a chocolate off the tray and pop it into my mouth, humming appreciatively.

“Hey! Those are for tomorrow.”

I grin at her scolding. My sister is an amazing pastry chef. She recently reopened the bakery our Grandma left her after she passed. She’s doing a great job wooing back all of the old neighborhood customers, which isn’t surprising considering she had made cookies and cakes at Grandma’s side since we were kids. Keeping the place going has always been her dream.

Tonight though we’re in her kitchen as she makes a collection of cakes, cookies and pies for an old high school friends baby shower. She had taken some small catering jobs while waiting for all the permits to reopen and this is a left over commitment from that in between time.

“So, are we going to talk about it?” I ask her.

“Talk about what?” she asks over her shoulder. She sets a timer and swings a tray into her oven. I don’t really cook. I can never follow what she’s doing when she’s in the kitchen. She moves in circles but somehow always manages to coordinate multiple projects at once, a constant elaborate time line in her head.

“The fact that you hooked up with Macy?”

It’s only because I’m watching her so carefully that I see her stiffen, a slight catch in her smooth dance. “What? What are you talking about?”

I roll my eyes. Hunter has always been a bad liar. She was never able to get away with anything when we were kids. I mean, she tried. Our parents always knew.

“Please. You think I didn’t see the tension between you two at the funeral?”

She brushes her hands on a towel and then finally turns to face me. “Really? I thought we were pretty normal.” She’s trying hard not to smile, I can tell.

“I knew it! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me! You finally realize your teenage fantasy and you don’t say anything? We are no longer sisters.”

She laughs, then shrugs. “It just happened. He came over the night he found out about his brother and Christy.”

“And…?” I can’t believe she’s being so vague. Macy is practically a legend in our neighborhood. Back in high school everyone had a crush on him and I mean everyone. Now that he’s on a reality TV show his fan club has only increased. Somehow, all this attention never went to his head. Mace is actually one of the most down to earth, nicest guys I’ve ever known. Hunter deserves a good guy. In my opinion, one I’ve made no secret of, she tends to date guys that aren’t good enough for her. Not awful. They treat her fine. But boring. With a capital B.

I seriously doubt Macy could ever be boring.

She shrugs again. “And… nothing. He’s got a lot going on right now, Vaughn. I don’t think dating is high on his priority list. It was just a night.”

I lean back with a huff. “That is seriously disappointing, Hunter.”

She laughs and one of her timers goes off.

Grabbing a tray of cupcakes from the counter she sets them in front of me. “Here. Make yourself useful.”

She hands me a couple full pastry bags and tips and tells me to start decorating. Grandma taught me some tricks too.

“Have you talked to him since the funeral?”

“Vaughn,” she says, warning in her tone.

I focus on piping various patterns on the cupcakes. “I’m just asking.”

“Don’t go playing matchmaker. Macy and I are fine. We’re friends,” she says firmly.

“Fine, fine. I’ll drop it.”

“I’m serious, Vaughn.”

“I believe you, Hunter.”

She rolls her eyes in exasperation and turns her attention back to her desserts. I continue piping. And start plotting.

No way I’m dropping it. This is so happening.

Read about Hunter and Macy’s night together here and here. And the funeral here.

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