Sunday Snippet

She nods and Lucas gives her a quick kiss. And tells her again. “I love you.”

Her hands frame his cheeks and those dark chocolate eyes he adores so much look intently into his. “Every part of you, Lucas,” she says. “Even the parts of you, you think are hard to love. I love.”

He squeezes his eyes shut briefly at the intense emotion that courses through him at the declaration. She snuggles in to him with another sigh and he wraps his arms around her.

Absolutely perfect.


Sunday Snippet

Ash takes a deep breath, bracing herself.

A man she’s never seen before slips into the room and pulls a camera to his shoulder, lens focused on the hall he just exited. And then he turns the corner, entering the lobby with what she assumes is his client. The two men clasp hands quickly in a casual handshake.

Her stomach flips with a combination of nerves and desire. Lucas is relaxed, smiling, and just so insanely, heart-stoppingly attractive.

His dark blue gaze takes in the room, flicking right over her.

Then returns, laser focused and widening in shock. He freezes, the smile falling from his face. Turning abruptly back to the crew member he orders, “Turn off the camera.”

Oh Shit.