Sunday Snippet

“You were worried? About the tape and my reaction. You thought I might end this?” Lucas stiffens and nods reluctantly. “I was afraid you might, yeah. “I’m sorry you were worried.” “I’m sorry you were hurt.” She smiles at him, hooking her fingers in his belt loops and pulling him closer to her. “I know… Continue reading Sunday Snippet

Sunday Snippet

“Ash!” Immediately Ash turns her attention to Gabby, who was frantically scrambling across the tiled floor of the lobby. Across the floor to an immobile Jax and the pool of blood slowly growing around him. Lucas paled and sprinted to his side. “Gabby assess his leg. I’ll work on his chest wound. Lucas call 911… Continue reading Sunday Snippet

Sunday Snippet

Luke’s fist glimpse of Ash. But Lucas couldn’t have told you what any of the others looked like because all he saw was her. She was tall and slender with soft curves covered in dark jeans and a black backless top. Her dark hair was long, falling midway down her back in soft shiny waves.… Continue reading Sunday Snippet


“Zane!” I grin, immediately recognizing my little sister’s voice. I glance up as she races down the stairs and into my waiting hug. “Hey, Little T. How you been?” She laughs at the ridiculous nickname and squeezes me tight before stepping back. “It’s so good to see you! Is it true, what Erik said? Are… Continue reading Zane


“Go,” he gasps. “Go.” “Don’t die. Please don’t die,” I whispered, choking on adrenaline and fear. But he is dying and we both know it. And I have to keep moving. More will be coming. Drawing one more shuddering breath, I attempt to calm myself as I stand. I cross the room and enter the… Continue reading Yesmina


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