Zane #AtoZChallenge

I hate this part. The fake smiles and obligatory laughs and handshakes supposedly promising something. How many of these people actually believe in my father? Believe in what he says he stands for? How many of them are just here for potential future favors? But this is why I’m here, I remind myself. This is… Continue reading Zane #AtoZChallenge

Wren #AtoZChallenge

God, I am so tired. I adjust the shoulder strap of my canvass knapsack across my body. Everything I still own is in this bag and while it’s not much, it still gets pretty heavy after hours of lugging it around. But I’ve finally reached my destination so hopefully I’ll have some relief soon. Relief… Continue reading Wren #AtoZChallenge

Vaughn #AtoZChallenge

I hop onto a stool and watch my sister whip together some heavenly smelling chocolate concoction. I grab a chocolate off the tray and pop it into my mouth, humming appreciatively. “Hey! Those are for tomorrow.” I grin at her scolding. My sister is an amazing pastry chef. She recently reopened the bakery our Grandma… Continue reading Vaughn #AtoZChallenge

Teagan #AtoZChallenge

“Get fancy. We’re going out.” My best friend sighs on the other end of the line. “I don’t really feel like it, T. I just want to put some comfy clothes on, curl up and watch a movie.” I was prepared for this response. “Ilyssa! Riley and Daniel just broke up. She needs us right… Continue reading Teagan #AtoZChallenge

Sloane #AtoZChallenge

I am trying desperately to ignore the fact that Josh Garrison is standing only twenty feet away, looking sexier than any man has a right to in a tuxedo, and staring right at me. Focus, Sloane. Focus on your job. I smile seamlessly at the guests, calmly assign tasks to the staff and volunteers, and… Continue reading Sloane #AtoZChallenge

Riley #AtoZChallenge

Oh god. What did I do? My head is pounding and I cringe squeezing my eyes tight against the light. Reluctantly, I blink open and realize I am not where I am supposed to be. I don’t recognize the bed I’m in or the industrial style loft it’s located in. I sit up in a… Continue reading Riley #AtoZChallenge

Piper #AtoZChallenge

I just don’t think there is anything better than Chicago in the summer. Sighing happily, I reach out my toes and gently push off the grassy ground to set my hammock softly rocking. It is a perfect summer weekend, 70 degrees, sunny, little humidity. I managed to sneak in a yoga class in the park… Continue reading Piper #AtoZChallenge

Olivia #AtoZChallenge

Dropping to my knees, I crawl into the shrubs, ignoring the branches poking and scratching my skin. The ground is cold and damp, I feel it seeping through my jeans. My breathing is harsh, loud in the night but not as loud as my terrified heartbeat echoing through the darkness. What is happening? I don’t… Continue reading Olivia #AtoZChallenge

Nyx #AtoZChallenge

They’re still there. Of course they’re still there. Wishful thinking. Peeking out the window I take in once again the couple on my porch. I don’t recognize either of them and I suspect the worse. Cops. Well, Detectives more likely. I take a deep, steadying breath and open the door. “Nyx Hendricks?” “Yes?” The woman… Continue reading Nyx #AtoZChallenge


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