Jax #AtoZChallenge

What the hell is she doing here? And why does she keep showing up unannounced at my door? Granted last time, I was lying in a hospital bed. And this is where I work. So not exactly my private space or anything. But still. This can’t mean anything good. I glance at Macy, still holding… Continue reading Jax #AtoZChallenge

Ian #AtoZChallenge

“We the jury find the defendant…Not Guilty.” I hear the various reactions behind me. Cries of stifled joy from those who believe these twelve strangers got it right. Clicks of cameras going off rapid fire as the press capture this moment. Gasps of disbelief and outrage from those, like me, who know this man is… Continue reading Ian #AtoZChallenge

Hunter #AtoZChallenge

Lighting flashes across the sky, illuminating the clouds outside my window. Seconds later the crash of thunder vibrates through the room. I love a good thunderstorm. And it’s newly spring in Chicago so this is the first one in months, the first of the season. I smile watching the streaks of light scatter through the… Continue reading Hunter #AtoZChallenge

Flynn #AtoZChallenge

“Hey, Hansen!” I look up from my desk and mind-numbing reports to find fellow Special Agent Khouri with a wicked grin on her face. “What’s up?” I am immediately suspicious of that expression. “Garrison has a walk-in. Says she’ll only talk to him.” She grins again, enjoying assigning me this likely fools errand. “He’s not… Continue reading Flynn #AtoZChallenge

Ethan #AtoZChallenge

I think we have a problem. When are you back? I read the text I just received. Concerning but I know the sender well enough to know if she was in immediate danger she would have been more specific. And I suspect I already know what has her rattled. I type out a quick response… Continue reading Ethan #AtoZChallenge

Dylan #AtoZChallenge

The microwave beeps signaling my dinner is ready just as my cell phone buzzes. Damn it. It’s late. Just after midnight. I’m starving and exhausted and only got home twenty minutes ago. I just want to eat something and go to bed. My phone is still chiming annoyingly and vibrating across the counter. I would… Continue reading Dylan #AtoZChallenge

Connor #AtoZChallenge

I can’t get in to the book I’m reading. I catch myself, realizing I have no idea what has happened on the last three pages. Instead of going back, again, and re-reading them I give up and toss it on to the couch next to me. Checking the time I realize I still have forty… Continue reading Connor #AtoZChallenge

Bodhi #AtoZChallenge

Another wasted trip. Another lead that was nothing. Another tip that went nowhere. Another disappointment. Another stab of hopelessness. What am I doing? The lights of downtown Chicago quickly approach through the windshield and I exit onto Division driving into the west side neighborhoods. I drive with muscle memory, knowing exactly where I’m headed and… Continue reading Bodhi #AtoZChallenge

Ash #AtoZChallenge

Immediately I know something is very wrong. Lucas is just ending a call as I enter the kitchen. Years together, and I’ve never seen this particular expression on his face. Something like disbelief and rage and agony. My stomach drops. “Luke? What is it?” “We have to go see Ethan.” His response is distracted. He… Continue reading Ash #AtoZChallenge


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